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Opera Gloves

Guy in Bondage

Similar to the Armbinder,  Bondage Opera Gloves restrict arms separately, allowing control of arm position. While the wearer has more flexibility than with the Armbinder, the presence of D-rings down the length of the gloves provides the opportunity to secure the arms together or separately in front or back or secure the wearer to another object as seen on Cole.

Starting at the bicep, these gloves taper into a mitt-like enclosure at the hands. The restraints are generally secured by lace-up as well as buckle attachments.

Masumi Max Opera Glove Bondage pic

Bolero Straitjacket

The Bolero Straitjacket™ is a sleek and sexy upper body bondage restraint that combines the best features of a traditional straight jacket with the closely fitted, elegant look of arm binders. The ribcage-length jacket has a cutout chest that leaves the breasts exposed, which looks gorgeous and feels even better! Tightly tailored sleeves end in mitts that confine the hands, with straps and D-rings that can be wrapped around the body to secure the submissive person’s arms or attached to furniture or each other.

The couture-quality Bolero Strait Jacket™ is a patented design offered exclusively by premier online fetish retailer Available in sizes ranging from XS – XXL, this sexy straightjacket fits most women and comes in several different materials including red or black garment-weight leather; perforated black leather – which is more breathable for summer months or longer role play scenes – and heavy-duty black latex, which is easy to wash and ideal for anyone with a rubber fetish.


Latex Rubber Straitjacket and Leather Bolero StraitJackets
Ancillia Tilla Rubber StraitJacket Pic
Leather StraightJacket Bondage
Perforated Bolero StraitJacket
Justine Joli StraitJacket Bodage Pic